About Me

WHAT'S UP, I'm Lora!

As you can tell, traveling the world & taking photos is my freakin’ JAM!! (That, and laughing at my own jokes, watching Friends, & editing/working at cute coffee shops!) Every time I am on any kind of adventure (large or small) with my camera in hand - I get this tingly feeling in my stomach & get the biggest smile on my face because I feel most alive & happiest. It’s seriously what I LOVE to do and what I eat, breathe, & live for. To be 25 years old and say I am living my dream job is something I will forever be grateful for & continue to work freakin’ hard to maintain! 

2019 Travel Dates:


Jan ⇾ Tenerife, Luxembourg, Iceland, Reno/Tahoe 


Feb ⇾ Reno/Tahoe


March ⇾ Bodega Bay, Reno/Tahoe


April ⇾ Reno/Tahoe, Luxembourg


May ⇾ Ireland, Holland, Luxembourg, Greece


June ⇾ Greece, Bali, Holland, Luxembourg  


July ⇾ Luxembourg, Holland, Reno/Tahoe 


August ⇾ Reno/Tahoe, Portland, Toronto


September ⇾ Reno/Tahoe, Joshua Tree


October ⇾ Reno/Tahoe, Utah


November ⇾ Reno/Tahoe


December ⇾ Reno/Tahoe, Holland, Luxembourg



Based in Reno/Tahoe and Luxembourg | Available for Worldwide Travel

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